Whiskey Battery Friends and Family Photos

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September 14 -16, 2017




Sandy and Virgil Boyer



Connie and Garry Jines






Hammond Dean

Virgil Boyer, Ron Cummins, Hammond Dean

and Russell Hicks


Judy and Russ Adams


Melonie Carideo and Dick Stroud


Rob, Leslie, Russell, Joye and Russ Hicks

Jim Maines, Frog and Mark Keefe


Families of Whiskey Battery 1-12

Teddie and Keith Reichenbach


Reggie II, Caroline, Reggie and Gina


The Cummins Boys


Ron and Myra Cummins

Dick Stroud and Charlie Biddix


Ladies of Whiskey Battery 1-12

Pam and Greg Weaver and daughter Jill