2006 Whiskey Battery Reunion

WAfter Action Report

Written By Dick Huslander


Marines of Whiskey1-12 Mortar Battery gathered at Columbus, Ohio for the Fourth Reunion over the weekend of 8 through 10 September. A rather numerous advanced party arrived on Thursday the 7th; however, no work was really necessary as Gerry Larose had done a very good job with all of the arrangements.


Friday evening we gathered at a nearby steakhouse and enjoyed some excellent beef as well as each other’s company. Really, what else would you eat at a steakhouse? Maybe puffed rice and sardines. Regardless, it was really tremendous to see everybody again as well as some newly found members. Captain Bob Huber, whom we all remember as the man who took us to Con Thien, (No, that little camping trip was not his idea!) had been found and joined us.


Saturday morning, we had our usual business meeting and breakfast. We discussed the pros and cons of an annual reunion as opposed to some other frequency, and agreed to stay on an annual basis. The compelling point was that annual reunions, need not be attended by everyone every year but they do allow for a person to attend at least some of the reunions. Our finances were discussed at some length and some good solutions were established for some of our problems. Our fund balance was $40.27 and there were some significant bills that the organizer had funded himself. We had similar difficulties last year. So, it was agreed that every Marine should pony up $20.00, except of course for those who can not afford it. It was agreed to allow me to “monitor” and decide if necessary about exemptions. With the money we collected we did pay Gerry for his out of pocket expenses, paid for the website program, and presently have a balance of $725.77. A number our members saw fit to contribute substantially more than $20, 00.  A big “Thank you” to those extra contributors and everyone who put our group back on an even financial keel.


 It was tentatively agreed that the 2007 reunion would be over the weekend after Labor Day in Nashville or Athens, Tennessee. So, as George Strait might sing, “Leave all your Ex’s back in Texas and hang your hat in Tennessee.”  Dick Stroud will organize the 2007 Reunion with the help of J.P. and Vickie Burrage.


Saturday afternoon and evening were rather sad affairs for many of us, especially me. Many of us gathered in the lobby of the motel in front of a very large TV with plenty of beer, chips and dips.  We were hoping to watch the Oklahoma game as Captain Hugh Walters had played for Bud Wilkinson. Alas, the OU game had been replaced Notre Dame vs. Penn State. My two favorite teams are Penn State and whoever is playing Notre Dame. My two favorite teams both lost badly. Undaunted and a proud adopted Texan, I began cheering to the Long Horns of the University of Texas who hosted Ohio State University in Austin. UT lost as badly or even worse that Penn State did. Oh well, there are a lot worse ways to spend an afternoon than drinking beer with buddies even if the football games don’t turn out well. Those that didn’t watch the game spent the evening at the Japanese House enjoying and watching the food being prepared.

Japanese Restaurant celebrating

Joye  Hicks Birthday


        Memorial for Whiskey Battery





Sunday morning, many of us had breakfast in our hospitality room despite probing actions and snipers from a bus full of presumptuous people and then went our separate ways.