Whiskey Battery 1st Battalion 12 Marines



Mortar Battery (Whiskey 1/12) with 4.2" mortars first arrived in Da Nang Vietnam sometime in April of 1965.


January 6-15, 1967 Operation Deckhouse Five  in the Mekong Delta  

May 1967 Operations Hickory and Prairie IV Whiskey 1-12 OPCON to 2nd Battalion 12 Marines
June 3 1967 Whiskey 1-12 Joined E 2-12 at Con Thien


July 1967 Operation Cimarron, Buffalo, Hickory II In July units at Con Thien received numerous rounds of incoming ranging from mortars to 152 MM also 122 MM rockets. Whiskey 1-12 had 4 KIA


August 3 1967 Operation Kingfisher Capt R. S. Huber  Whiskey 1-12 remained in their position at Con Thien but shifted support roles in accordance with infantry movements. Whiskey 1-12 had 5 WIA Direct support of the 9th Marines.


September 1967 Whiskey Battery at Con Thien 3 KIA

September 21 1967 Whiskey battery moved from Con Thien to Dong Ha.

Oct 3 1967 Whiskey battery is in a position at Camp Carroll 3 Mortars and 3 at Ca Lu Operation Kingfisher  CO Capt F. L. Walters


Oct 30 1967

          Whiskey battery Fired mission for surrounded Recon team on Dong Ha Mountain. Recon surveillance


November 1967 Operation Lancaster

Whiskey battery is in a position at Dong Ha 3 tube attachment from W 1-12 came under OPCON on Nov 15 to support operations at the mouth of the Cua Viet river Operations Kentucky, Napoleon


Dec 1967 Whiskey battery is in a position at Camp Carroll


Jan 1968 Whiskey battery is in a position at Camp Carroll Operation Lancaster II Battery provided direct fire support for the 4th Marines.


Feb 1968 Support for 4th Marines on Operation Lancaster II at Camp Carroll


March 3 1968 Capt J. M. Strank Camp Carroll 15 rounds of incoming one M109 vehicle of Whiskey 1-12 damaged.


March 15 1968  Whiskey 1-12 at Ca Lu


March 27th 1968 Whiskey 1-12 at Camp Carroll


March 29th 1968 the battalion chopped OPCON of Mortar Battery 1-12 Khe Sanh


April 1968 part of Whiskey Battery at Dong Ha Operation Highrise.


May 10 1968 Whiskey Battery Co 1st. Lt. Saunders 2 guns of W 1-12 OPCON


June 1968 Whiskey 1-12 still OPCON to 2nd Battalion 12 Marines


July 10 Detachments W, 1st Battalion 12 Marines was chopped OPCON to 3rd Battalion 12 Marines


July 16 1968 Whiskey 1-12 Operations Charlie, Thor, Lancaster II, and Scotland II. OPCON to 1st  Battalion 11 Marines


July 24 W, 1st Battalion 12 Marines was chopped OPCON to 1st Battalion 12 Marines


July 25 1968

Whiskey battery is in a position at Quang Tri


Aug 5 1968


Whiskey battery at Quang Tri

Aug 6 1968

Whiskey battery is at Qua Viet


Aug 10 1968

Whiskey battery On Float USS Dubuque LPD-8

W Btry 1Bn 12 MAR 3 MAR DIV  BLT 2/26 9th

Aug 23 1968

Whiskey battery Outside Qua Viet with 7th Fleet.


Aug 24 1968

Whiskey battery at Da Nang Harbor


Aug 30 1968

Whiskey battery

The Battery is in Field south of Camp Carroll 1 miles.


Sept 2 1968

Whiskey battery In field between Cam Lo and Camp Carroll


Sept 4 1968

Whiskey battery at Mia Loc W 1/12 had 1 WIA


Sept 11 1968

Whiskey battery at Camp Carroll W 1/12 had 2 KIA


Oct 6 1968 Whiskey Battery 1/12 OPCON to 2/12


Nov 1 1968

Whiskey battery at Da Nang off Princeton too Camp Brooks


Nov 20 1968 Whiskey battery on Operation Mead River Battalion Landing Team (BLT 2/26)


Dec 4 1968

Operation Mead River W 1/12 had 1 KIA


Dec 24 1968

Whiskey battery

Christmas in Red Beach


Dec 30 1968

Whiskey battery Operation Valliant Hunt


Jan 17 1969

Whiskey battery North of Quang Ngai down south of Da Nang around Chu Lie with 2/26 & 2/27 BLT. Set up on a beach 10 miles North from Quang Ngai.


Feb 1969

Whiskey battery at Hill 55 TET 1969




Valliant Hunt

Mead River


Lancaster II



Prairie IV



Hickory II