Whiskey Battery 16th Reunion

September 13 - 16th, 2018


Attendance was not taken. 

Call to Order:

  • Garry Jines called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM

Opening Prayer:

  • Dale Millard, Whiskey Battery Chaplain opened the meeting with a prayer.

Pledge of Allegiance and Marine Corp Hymn:

  • Garry Jines led the group to recite the pledge of Allegiance followed by singing the Marine Corp Hymn.

In Memoriam:

  • Virgil Boyer read the list of deceased Whiskey Battery member names as Russell Hicks rang a bell toll for each.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Dick Huslander reported that the cash balance as of December 11, 2016 was $1669.17.
  • This year’s expenditures consisted of $200. for flowers & memorials, $428.43 for communications (Website & Mail) and $41.66 for plaque engravings, etc. for a total expenditure amount of $670.09.
  • Revenue from passing the hat at the Charleston reunion was $502.00
  • Current balance as of September 14, 2018 was $1501.08


Old Business:

  • The minutes from the 2017 reunion were read by Debbie Bissonnette. Joe Bissonnette made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Jerry Nevils. All in favor.
  • Connie Jines put a motion on the floor that the Battery set an amount of $75.00 for flowers or a memorial donation to go to deceased Whiskey Battery members going forward. Jerry Nevils made a motion to approve this expense, seconded by Virgil Boyer. All in favor.
  • Connie Jines stated the Steve Samoheyl had submitted a story to her to add to the book she is composing but he does not want it posted on the website. She also stated that she will be contacting Charley Biddix to follow through on a “well story” that was brought up. Connie reiterated her request that anyone wishing to do so contact her either by email or phone to share any stories and/or memories that they would like to see added to the website/booklet. No story or memory is too small—PLEASE PARTICIPATE.


New Business:

  • Garry Jines welcomed Doug Lehman and Steve Samoheyl who had missed several of the past reunions. We all were glad that they could attend this year.  Steven Samoheyl was accompanied by two of his sons Troy and Shaun.
  • This year’s guests also included Garry’s sister Ruby Gould and Connie’s longtime friend Penny Rozek.
  • Garry’s and Connie’s son Jacob and his girlfriend Jasmine Siglow, Russ and Joy Hick’s son Rusty as well as their daughter Leslie Plummer and her husband Rob. We were also glad to see long time attendee Mike Nuzzolo’s son Jonathan aka Bubba.
  • Garry had Ron Cummins retell the story/history of our mascot Blizzard.
  • Garry had the Whiskey Battery Marine members present each stand and introduce themselves and anyone attending with them and give a brief statement. The floor was then opened to comments from all. Garry also reminded all present that guests/family members are always welcome to our reunions.
  • Garry and Connie purchased cards to send to members who were unable to attend this year’s reunion. The cards were passed so anyone wishing to could sign them. Connie will mail them out.
  • Connie Jines relayed the regret messages she received for those not able to attend this year
    • Greg Weaver sent his regrets and hope to attend next year’s reunion.
    • Rick and Jan Kama sent their regrets and a story about the volcano.
    • JP & Vickie Burrage sent their regrets as well.
    • Melonie Carideo sent regrets on behalf of Dick Stroud as well as stating that they are looking forward to seeing everyone when they host next year’s reunion.
    • Artie Johnson also sent regrets 

·       Connie also received an email regarding a website for Veterans that you can go to to get free tickets to events for concerts and sporting events but she is not sure it is legitimate. The website is called Vettix. She stated that they ask for a copy of your DD214 as well as completing a very detailed application form. Jacob Jines volunteered to research to ensure this site is legit. Stay tuned.

·       Kaye’s Screen printing (the company that printed up this year’s reunion shirts) donated a long sleeved sweatshirt to the Battery. Names were placed in a hat for a drawing. Jonathan Nuzzolo won the shirt! Congrats Bubba!

·       Garry reminded everyone to send pictures to Vickie of this year’s reunion so that she can post them to our website. 

·       The hat was passed around the room for donations to the Battery. Dick Huslander stated that we collected $583.

·       Garry & Connie’s son Jacob played a Marine tribute that he put together along with music and video from Trace Adkins’ song “Semper Fi”. Jacob also provided the music for our Marine hymn. He put a lot of time and effort into this work and we were all grateful for what he did for us. Kudos Jacob!

·       Connie went over the day’s itinerary and stated that we would be taking pictures outside at the close of the meeting.

Last Man Standing:

·       Mark Keefe gave the background on the bottle originally purchased by Dick Stroud. It is a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey for the Tontine. Mark told how he created a box out of Mirror Finish Stainless Steel to house the bottle in. Mark has been bringing the bottle/box to every reunion so that it can eventually be given to the “last man standing” in Whiskey Battery 1/12.

2019 Reunion

·       Garry informed those present that Dick Stroud and his daughter Melonie have volunteered to hold next year’s reunion in Chattanooga, TN.  Virgil made a motion to confirm, seconded by Russ. All in favor.

Garry reminded all present that we need to start thinking of who will host the reunion in 2020 preferable by someone who has not hosted yet. Reggie Zhuckkahosee and Virgil Boyer have both indicated that they would be open to hosting again in the future. 


·       Garry Jines made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:52AM. Seconded by Bob Jones. All in favor.






Whiskey Battery 1-12

Whiskey Battery Ladies


Meade River

Bob Jones, Mark Keefe, Dale Millard, Joe Bissonnette,

John Smith and Mike Nuzzolo



2018 Meeting

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