This page is dedicated to the brave young men that served with  Mortar Battery 1st Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division (Whiskey 1/12).   May their Memories Live FOREVER.

Would like to do a memorial for each of these brave men. Please send pictures, clippings or writings to the webmaster.


SSgt Melvin Douglas Holcomb  --  KIA (7/6/67 Con Thien)

Cpl Sylvester McNeil  -- KIA (7/6/67 Con Thien)

PFC Roland Dumond -- KIA (7/6/67 Con Thien)

PFC Thomas Joseph Szydlo -- KIA (7/25/67 Con Thien)

Cpl Bennie Lee West -- KIA (9/1/67 Con Thien)

LCpl Clinton M. Rhoades -- KIA (9/1/67 Con Thien)

PFC David Lee Schouweiler -- KIA (9/19/67 Con Thien)

2LT W. Cole Herndon -- KIA (9/11/68 Quang Tri Province)

HM2 Cecil Wayne Carothers -- KIA (9/11/68 Quang Tri Province)

PFC Jerry Wayne Glaze -- KIA (12/4/68 Quang Nam)

PFC Ismael Jose Valdez Jr. --KIA (05/02/68 Quang Tri)