15th Reunion Charleston, S.C.

September 14-16 2017




Whiskey Battery 1-12

September 16, 2017

15th Annual Reunion Minutes


Time Meeting Opened: 9 a.m. Number Present: 29

Opened meeting with prayer by Charlie Biddix

Pledge of Allegiance

Marine Corps Hymn: Hammond Dean

Remembrance of Those We Lost – Russel Hicks and Virgil Boyer. Names were read by Russel Hicks, Virgil Boyer rang bell. Virgil Boyer said prayer.

Treasurer’s Report – Ron Cummins, Ending balance $1087.56

Old Business: Motion made to spend $75.00 in donation of flowers to funerals of members who pass away. Russ Adams volunteered to be responsible.

Money was passed out to those who paid for Ft Sumner trip, which was cancelled.

Connie Jines reminded all of writing their Vietnam stories to put together in a book.

New Business: Welcomed new people attending this year.

Call for volunteer to host 2018 reunion. Garry and Connie Jines volunteered in Detroit Michigan

Melanie Carideo (Dick Stroud’s step daughter) volunteered Chattanooga Tennessee for 2019

Any pictures taken this weekend can be sent to Russel Hicks or Vickie Burrage to be put on website.

William Shaw (new attendee) brought up that he has a source that can restore old pictures, if anyone was interested see him.

Russell Hicks thanked everyone who helped with planning, supplying snacks, and helping in general.

Group pictures to follow meeting.

Donations to the battery fund can be made at the snack table. ($502.00 was collected and mailed to the Treasurer)

Meeting was adjourned at 9:35


Richard (Dick ) Stroud

Melonie Carideo, Stepdaughter

Garry Jines and Connie

Russ Hicks, Joye, Daughter, Leslie, Son Russell and Son-in-law Rob

Ron and Myra Cummins

Bill Renne

Ray Sammons

William J. Shaw

Bob Lovin

Reggie Zhuckkahosee, Reggie II, Gina and Caroline

Russ Adams and Judy

Virgil Boyer and Sandy

Hamond Dean, Jr.

Mark Keefe

Jim Maines

Keith and Teddie Reichenbach

Charlie Biddix

Greg and Pam Weaver and daughter Jill



Whiskey Battery 1-12





Con Thien Whiskey Battery 1-12




Meade River Marines



Bill Renne, William Shaw, and Ray Sammons







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