Whiskey Battery 1-12 Reunion - Branson Mo.

September 22- 24, 2022


No Attendance was taken.  


Call to Order:

  • Virgil Boyer called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

Opening Prayer:

  • Charlie Biddix said the opening prayer.

Pledge of Allegiance

·       Virgil Boyer led the group in reciting the pledge of Allegiance.

Remembrance of Deceased Whiskey Battery members:

·       Virgil Boyer read the names of the deceased and Russ Hicks rang the bell for each of the members below:

o   Mervin Vater, Dale Millard, Gerald LaRose, Gary Black, Patrick McFarland, Hugh Walters, Richard Wojcik, Gary Calkins, Howard Richey, Lynn Knapp and Robert Walker.

·       Charlie Biddix said a prayer in remembrance of our departed Whiskey Battery members.


Virgil relayed a message from JP and Vickie as to whether the group wanted Vickie to continue to maintain our website and the plaque with the names of the deceased battery members. Charlie Biddix made a motion that Vickie continue in her current capacity. Bob Jones seconded. All in favor.

Virgil requested that he and Sandy be reimbursed for expenses incurred for this year’s reunion. Jerry Nevils made a motion, seconded by Art Johnson. All in favor. Virgil also requested that Charlie Biddix be reimbursed the $150 he paid for the use of the conference room this year as they were not able to get it for free this year.

Virgil asked for volunteers to host the 2023 Reunion.  Joe and Debbie Bissonnette volunteered to do the next reunion as they were on board to do it before COVID struck. It will be close by Newport, RI but not directly in it as Newport is too expensive. More to follow. Russ and Joy said they would possibly to the year after on Charleston, SC.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Hulslander reported that the balance in our account was $2308.22. This year’s expenses were $248.19 for our Website-- $64.99 for the Security, $35. For the Domain fee and $148.20 for the Hosting fee.  Dick will continue to disperse funds as needed.                  

Virgil read the Sunshine Report submitted by Roseanne Smith which listed the cards she sent from October 2021 through August 2022. See report as submitted by R. Smith. Connie Jines to send John Smith a card—everyone present signed the card for John.

Bill Shaw has a picture of a shell coming out of a mortar tube that he showed around. He offered to have copies made (11 x 14) to anyone who would like one. If interested, email Bill at wjmshaw@gmail.com. Bill also offered to try and track down someone if one of our Whiskey Battery members has been trying to find someone. Just provide him with the name and any other info you may have and he will follow through-contact Bill via his email address.

Reggie Zhuckhahosee requested that an itinerary for events during each reunion be provided.

Jerry Nevils thanked the members of the Whiskey Battery present for their help, generosity and support when they had their house fire.

Connie Jines asked the group if anyone had any information in regards to the drinking water issue at Camp Lejeune. Bill Shaw said the he contacted a legal group CC&K (Chisholm, Chisholm & Kilpatrick, LTD) and highly recommends them. Be prepared to provide information and documentation. Dick Hulslander mentioned that you could also contact your local VA Representative. Connie Jines expressed concern about using law firms that advertise as she was in contact with one that ended up being investigated. 

Debbie Bissonnette spoke about CHAMPVA which is insurance coverage for the wives of 100 percent Disabled Veterans (not those who retired from the service as they have TriCare). It covers the balance of any payment due for meds, doctors’ visits and any medical expenses that you incur. It pays after any other insurance you may have and after Medicare. Once CHAMPVA makes a payment on your behalf, the provider cannot go to you for any outstanding balance. Debbie also mentioned that there is a website called Armed Forces Vacation Club that any veteran and their family members can join for deeply discounted vacation rentals.

Mark Keefe acknowledged the presence of Corpman Louis (Lou) Grassi. This was Lou’s first time attending our reunion. Lou served in the Whiskey Battery from March 68 thru Mar 69. Members have tried tracking him down for some time so it was with great pleasure that he was welcomed to our reunion.

Teddie Reichenbach thanked Virgil and Sandy for the great work they did hosting this year’s reunion. This was echoed by all present.

The hat was passed among all present and $800. was collected.

Virgil closed the meeting at 10:00 AM.  


Respectfully submitted,


Deborah Bissonnette ***