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Whiskey Battery 1st Btn. 12th Marine - Albuquerque Reunion

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011


Reginald “Chief” Zhuckkahosee, Mark & Janice Keefe, Jim & Jane Maines, Joe & Debbie Bissonnette, Virgil & Sandra Boyer, Vickie & J. P. Burrage, John & Wendy Forslin, Rich & Sandi Richey (& Bette), Russell & Joye Hicks, Teddie & Keith Reichenbach, Dale Millard, Dan Roberts, Murphy & Sandy Franklin, Ron & Myra Cummins, Gardner Cannon, Jim Zito “Doc”, Clifford Michael, Mike (Teddy) Nuzzolo, John & Roseanne Smith, Charlie Biddix, Doug & Betty Armstrong, Steve & Joy Samoheyl, Arthur Johnson, Dick Hulslander


Call to Order:

·        The meeting was called to order @ 10:00 AM by host Reggie Zhuckkahosee.

·        The meeting was begun by standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance followed by singing the Marine Corp Hymn.

·       A  moment of silence for those who did not come back from Vietnam and for those who have departed since.


Treasurer’s Report:

·       Treasurer, Dick Hulslander stated that there was currently $673.10 in the treasury.

·       Charlie Biddix made a motion for each Marine present to donate $20 for the treasury fund.

·        Dick amended this motion to state that those who cannot afford to do so did not need to contribute.

·       The amount in the treasury after collecting the donations was $1106.10. Dick stated that this figure would be adjusted once Reggie was reimbursed for out of pocket expenses.


New Members:

·        Reggie requested that the two new members present come to the front of the room and introduce themselves.

o       Keith Reichenbach stated that he served with the Battery from 06/66 – 05/67. He went up to Executive Officer. He became an officer candidate at the end of 67 and got out in ’67. Keith stated that he was present at our reunion thanks to contacts made by Capt. Richey and Dan Roberts.

o       Dale Millard stated that he was in Vietnam from 68 – 69. He served 6 years in the Marine Corp.


Member Introductions:

·        Reggie suggested that each Marine present stand up, introduce himself and give a brief statement.

·        Reggie started by stating the he was in Vietnam from 68 – 69 and was known as “Chief”.  He lives in New Mexico with his wife, Carol. He was in the Corp for 21 years, retiring in ’90. He has been involved with the Whiskey Battery group since 2005.

·         John Forslin stated that he started putting together the reunion 9 year ago. 

·        New Business:

·        Reggie stated the Vickie Burrage has been maintaining the Whiskey Battery website with help from Joyce Salmon for a number of years. Reggie thanked Vickie for all her time and efforts maintaining the site and for also passing along information between the Whiskey Battery members. 

·        The cost to maintain the site is a yearly fee of $443.00.

·        Vickie asked if anyone present would like to step up and take over maintaining the site going forward.   No one present volunteered. Vickie also mentioned that she had brought copies of the up to date roster for anyone who wanted a hard copy. She asked that all review it and let her know of any changes and/or corrections.

·        Next, Charlie Biddix introduced Betty Armstrong. Betty had made contact with Charlie and told him that she was Jerry Glaze’s first cousin and that they had been raised together more like brother and sister. She was very appreciative of the chance to be present at the reunion and said that it meant a lot to her. She stated that she would be grateful for any stories and/or memories anyone present could share with her.  This was a very emotional moment for her and she felt that “she could feel Jerry’s presence here”.

·        Reggie mentioned that he has purchased three flags for this reunion which he would like to stay with the Battery going forward. They are a donation from him. It was concluded that the flags would be handed over to whoever would be the host for the next year’s reunion at the conclusion of the present meeting and that the next year’s host would be responsible for bringing them to the next reunion.

·        It was also decided to send the Commemorative Tontine to whoever would be hosting the next reunion so that is would always be present at the meeting. The present host would be responsible after the meeting for getting it to the next year’s host.

·        Joe Bissonnette spoke next and said that he had recently joined the Marine Corp League. He stated that the League had recently made a donation of $30,000 ($15,000 each) to two families who had been killed at Guantanamo Bay. The monies were put in a trust fund so that the children of the two soldiers could go to college. He had calendars available for $10. Each as the present fund raiser for the League and stated they would be available in the hospitality room if anyone was interested. Joe also stated that he had given a copy of the song “Road to Con Thien” to the new Marine Corp Museum in Quantico and they had made it an “official” piece of Vietnam memorabilia. Joe said the song used to be sung by a traveling corporal name Barry but could not remember his last name. Copies of the song were left in the hospitality room for anyone who wanted one. Someone in the room stated that they had been to the museum in Quantico and had seen the copy of the song on display there.

·        Rich Richey wanted to inform those present that Veterans are now authorized to use the hand salute for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.

·        John Forslin stood and reminded everyone that is was Constitution Day, Friday, Sept. 16 and that the Constitution is a very important document to the American people in that it is a document that is unique in that it states the people rule and the government reports to them. He read an excerpt from a speech that Paul Ryan had recently given at the Hillsdale College and suggested that those interested in reading it in its entirety review to the online version of the National Review, Sept. 16, 2011.       

Reunion – 2012:

·        Mark Keefe started by thanking Reggie and his family for the wonderful job that they did hosting this year’s reunion in Albuquerque. Mark addressed the group and stated that he would like to host the next reunion in Boston, MA. and was very excited about the prospect of doing so. He said that he had researched and found a Best Westin in Dorchester, MA where he would like to hold the reunion. He stated that there is a shuttle to the MBTA which means easy access to the city (Boston) and that Boston has a good public transportation system. The Westin also offers a free shuttle to the JFK Library. Other venues nearby include the Freedom Trail (which is a historical walking trail), the USS Constitution, Bunker Hill Monument, the Boston Duck tours which are WWII amphibious vehicles (the tours take you both on land and water), Boston Harbor Tours and a great variety of good restaurants.

Mark stated that he would put together a presentation and have it posted to our website showing various activities and pictures.

·        All present agreed to let Mark host the 2012 Whiskey Battery Reunion in Boston, MA.

 Reunion – 2013:

·        Rich Richey stated that he would like to host the 2013 Whiskey Battery Reunion in Green Valley, AZ. He stated that Green Valley is between Tucson, AZ and New Mexico. Nearby venues include 9 Golf courses, Tombstone and an observatory at Kitts Peak.

·        All present agreed to let Rich hold the 2013 Whiskey Battery Reunion in Green Valley, AZ. 

 Meeting Adjourned:

·        Reggie ended the meeting with having all present stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Marine Corp Hymn.

·        The meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM and all present were invited outdoors to take group pictures.


Minutes submitted by Debbie Bissonnette.




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