Whiskey Battery 1-12 annual meeting was held Saturday September 21, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. with Rich Richey presiding as this year's host.     Rich introduced Jim Green, Manager of San Ignacio.  Mr. Green thanked Whiskey Battery 1-12 for hosting the reunion at San Ignacio Inn.  San Ignacio's wall of fame had hats and flags donated by Rich Richey.

        Rich introduced his wife Sandi Richey .  Sandi spoke about the history of Green Valley.

        Rich Richey asked for recommendations for next year's reunion.  Virgil Boyer volunteers to host the 2014 reunion with a little persuasion.  The reunion will be in Branson, Missouri  in 2014.  More details to come in the coming year.

        Blizzard (the Frog)  and Banners will be traveling with Dick Huslander to the next reunion.  Dick gave a brief treasurers report and the hat was passed for collection.  The website bills are due within the next month.  Ron Cummins and Russell Hicks will be collecting for T-shirts.  Doc Zito will handle tour collection.

       The battery voted not to do mass mailings for the reunions if you have email.  Snail mail will only be sent to the members that do not have email.

        Pictures at the pool with Whiskey Battery banner will be taking following meeting.  Meeting was adjourned for more adventures in Arizona.