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Whiskey Battery 1/12 Reunion– San Diego, CA  – 2016

Saturday,  Sept. 24, 2016

Attendance was not taken.


Call to Order:

  • Mark Steffy called the meeting to order at 3:35PM.

  • Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mark Keefe.

  • Marine Corp Hymn was led by Virgil Boyer and Russ Hicks followed directly by the reading of deceased Whiskey Battery member names and bell toll for each.

  • Prayer for the departed and blessing by Dale Millard.



Old Business:

  • Mark Steffy asked for a vote to have Dale Millard become our “official” Reunion Chaplain.  All present voted in favor.

  • A discussion was held as to what week the reunion should fall on. In the past the reunions were held as close to the second weekend of September as possible. After much discussion, it was left that the reunion dates would be set by whoever was hosting that year due to what they could book/pricing, etc. but it would be kept in mind to work towards the second week of September whenever feasible. 


Treasurer’s Report: (Dick Huslander)

·       There was $1300 in our fund at the end of the last reunion.

·       Throughout the year were the usual expenses of reimbursement for the previous year’s reunion expenses, mailing, internet hosting and engraving the plaque with any newly deceased names leaving $1124. in our fund at the beginning of this year’s meeting.  

·       Hat passed during meeting netted $745. making the current total of fund at the close of this year’s meeting at $1869.


New Business:

  • Russ Hicks volunteer to host our 2017 reunion in Charleston, SC. He has already been looking at lodging. So far his has found a Holiday Inn for $125. a night but he and Joy plan on visiting Charleston again in the coming year to work on further plans.

·       Charlie Biddix plans on working throughout the coming year on getting donations/discounts from various vendors/companies to cover our meeting’s food, drinks, etc.  He suggested that anyone who had any ideas/requests email him directly. Charlie’s email address is:              

  • Mark Steffy asked all present to start thinking about hosting our reunion for the year 2018. No one has volunteered yet as of meeting time.

  • Mark welcomed Charlie Burke who is from nearby Carlsbad, CA. This was Charlie’s first time attending one of our reunions.

  • Charlie Biddix suggested that we include other Battery #’s in our reunions. Most were not in favor of this was this is our own Battery 1/12 reunion.

  • Debbie Bissonnette thanked Mark Steffy for this year’s reunion and all the hard work he put into making our reunion another get time for us to all be together. All present agreed.

  • Reg  Zhuckkahosee son, Reggie, came to the reunion bringing his usual gift of Macadamia nuts plus some beautiful Hawaiian calendars. He is a very thoughtful young man and everyone appreciated his generosity.

  • Connie Jines stated that she is still hoping to get a lot more stories/memories written and posted on our website as this is important for future generations/descendants to know and understand the experiences and memories our Marines share.  Please reach out to Connie by email or phone (if you would rather just dictate to her). She will capture and post. Connie’s email address and phone are below here:         Phone:  989-632-3528




Meeting Adjourned:

·                                               The meeting adjourned at 3:59PM followed by group pictures.


After the meeting adjourned Mark Steffy treated us all to a song by Trace Adkins while playing his 12 string guitar. Mark shared his story of how he saved money the whole time he was in the service so he could by a good 12 string guitar and how this guitar got him through the rough years after Vietnam. He also shared a story of how he met John Denver who was then John Deutschendorf and the newest member of the Chad Mitchell trio. He met personally with John after the show and John taught Mark his first song on a 12 string guitar.  Mark’s second song he treated us to was Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes. He cajoled all the ladies present to come up and sing along with him. A good time was had by all. Thank you Mark Steffy!!


******Special thanks to Debbie Bissonnette for taking such great minutes.*****






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