September 13, 2023



Debbie Bissonnette, Gail Nevils, Jerry Nevils, Jackie Kidd, Linda Grassi, Vickie McIntyre, Teddie & Keith Reichenbach, Arthur Johnson, Regina Zhuckkahosee, Jonathan Nuzzolo, Ray Sammons, Lou Grassi, Mike Nuzzolo, Reggie Zhuckkhasee, Charlie Biddix, Mark Keefe and Jim Maines.


·        Mark Keefe called the meeting to order at 530 pm.


·        Charlie Biddix said the opening prayer.


·        Mark Keefe led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.


·        The group sang the Marine Corp Hymn.


·        Mark Keefe read the names of the deceased and Jim Maines rang the bell for each member.


·        Dick Hulslander gave the information to Debbie Bissonnette as he was not in attendance. The checkbook balance was $1959.99. The only expenses paid out for the year was $298.23 for our Website expenses. Art Johnson made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Seconded by Ray Sammons. All in favor.

·        Charlie Biddix made a motion that we take the money out for reimbursement for this year’s reunion expenses out of the money collected from passing the hat and then sending the balance to Dick H. All present were in favor of this motion.

Sunshine Report:

·        Mark Keefe read the Sunshine Report as submitted by Roseanne Smith.

Dick Stroud – Thinking of you;  Nov 2022  Jan Keefe – Get Well; Dec 2022  Bob Jones – Get Well,

Dick Stroud – Christmas Card; Jan 2023 None; Feb 2023  Dick Hulslander – Get Well, Carol Hulslander – Get Well, Dick Stroud – Thinking of you; Mar 2023  Bob Jones- Get Well; Apr 2023 Bob Jones – Get Well;

May  2023 – Bob Jones – Get Well, Dick Stroud – Thinking of you, Greg Weaver – Son-Sympathy;

June 2023 Bob Jones – Thinking of you, Dick Stroud – Thinking of you; July 2023 Deborah Cannon

Husband – Gardner-Sympathy, Debbie Bissonnette – Get Well, Debbie Bissonnette – Husband – Joe – Sympathy; Aug 2023 Mary  Jones – Husband – Bob – Sympathy, Dick Stroud – Thinking of you;

Sept Russell Hicks – Thinking of you; JP Burrage – Thinking of you.

Roseanne reported that a total of 23 cards were mailed on behalf of the Battery. She reminded everyone to reach out to her if you know someone within the Battery or their family members that should be sent a card. 

Debbie Bissonnette spoke about the activity options for the last day of the reunion due to having to cancel the original plan for the Newport Sightseeing Trolley sightseeing tour with lunch. After some discussion, it was decided to try and rebook the trolley tour directly without the extras.


·        Charlie Biddix and Russ Hicks have volunteered to cosponsor next year’s reunion in Charleston, SC. Reggie Zhuckkahosee said he would do the reunion if it doesn’t pan out in Charleston or, perhaps, the year after.


·        Charlie Biddix said he took care of a hospice patient that was a Marine that who took care of the first landing waves on Iwo Jima. The gentleman went back to Iwo Jima for the 50th year reunion and brought back some sand from the beach. Charlie gave everyone a little bit of this sand to all those present.

·        Charlie had mailed Mark Keefe some of his usual moonshine for the group to enjoy during our reunion.

·        Mark Keefe brought the Last Man Stand tontine as he always does. He explained the purpose of this bottle of Makers Mark Whiskey to those present for the first time.

·        Art Johnson brought a bottle of Horse Soldier Blended Whiskey to share at the reunion. The story behind this distillery is that it is owned and run by members of the elite teams of the Green Berets who were inserted into Afghanistan, some of who were ambused on horseback. This team of men initially traveled to Yellowstone to discover their next chapter in life which led them to a distillery tour that sparked their passion to open their own distillery.

·        Art also spoke about the fact that Whiskey Battery was reconstituted to return to Afghanistan as a Military Police company. Art met up with some of them in Louisiana and shared his Vietnam experiences with them.

·        Teddie Reichenbach thanked Debbie and Mark for this year’s reunion.

·        Mark Keefe introduced Linda Grassi, Doc Grassi’s sister who joined us for this year’s reunion. Linda said she was very happy to be at the reunion and intends to attend future reunions.

Mark Keefe ended the meeting at 6:10 pm.

Pictures were taken immediately following the meeting.     


Whiskey 1-12


Whiskey 1-12


Meeting 9-13-2023

Whiskey 1-12 Reunion Shirts

In Memory of Debbie Bissonnette's husband who passed before the reunion.


Whiskey Battery 1-12 and ladies