2010 Reunion  of Whiskey Battery 1-12


Whiskey 1-12 Battery

Official Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2010


Host:  Ron Cummins


Ron Cummins called the meeting to order, or at least as orderly as we get.

A prayer for deceased W 1-12 members was offered.

We then went around the room and each individual introduced himself and gave a brief update on his doings.

Dick Huslander gave the treasurer's report.

Checking Book Balance               $270.12

Cash Collected at meeting          $573.00

Payable for Internet Domain      $-178.40

Balance Forward                           $664.72

Special thanks to Ron and Myra Cummins, our hosts for this reunion, who did a great job.  There was also special thanks to Leonard and Greg for their generosity and culinary abilities for chow, and to Top and Hammond for their donating a lot of drinks.


It was decided that next year's reunion will be held at approximately the same time of year and hosted by Chief at the Sandia Reservation Casino north of Albuquerque, NM. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:57 a.m.


Richard E. Huslander

Recording Secretary


Whiskey Battery 1-12