Whiskey Battery 1/12 - Gulfport, MS Reunion - 2015

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015


Attendees:    J.P. & Vickie Burrage, Virgil & Sandy Boyer, Steve & Joy Samoheyl, Reggie, Carol, Reggie, Jr. and Gina Zhuckkahosee, Bob and Mary Jones, Russell &  Joy Hicks,  Joe & Debbie Bissonnette, Vince Kurucz & Bertie Volpe, James & Nelly Zito, Dick Huslander, Ron & Myra Cummins, Greg & Pam Weaver, Mark Steffy, Dale Millard, John & Roseanne Smith, Garry & Connie Hines, Clifford Michael, Barbara Michael Morgan, Keith & Teddie Reichenbach,  Mark & Jan Keefe, Charlie Biddix, Jim Maines, Mike & Jon Nuzzolo, Pat McFarland & Ruth Bryant, David Ruppell, Gerald Shullenberger.


Call to Order: 

  • J.P. Burrage called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Prayer by Russell Hicks
  • Roster of deceased members read by Russell Hicks with Virgil Boyer 
  •      ringing bell for each member.
  • Prayer by Virgil Boyer
  • Marine Corp Hymn

Treasurer's Report (Dick Huslander)

  • There was $1300 in our fund at the end of last reunion.
  • $660. was spent on travel ticket for Blizzard, mailings, website fees & additions to
  •      deceased plaque names.
  • $640. in fund at start of 2015 reunion.
  • Hat passed during meeting netted $1000 (includes $100.00 donation via mail
  •      from Anonymous).


Tribute to Patrick McFarland (Top):

  • Dick Huslander gave a heartwarming verbal tribute to Top. Doc also spoke about
  •      Top.
  • Top was brought up and stood with Dick and Doc.  Every Marine in attendance
  •      came up and personally spoke their thanks/respect to these three Marines.
  • All present raised a toast to Top, Dick and Doc.

Old Business: 

  • J.P. spoke of how the Whiskey Battery Reunions were originally started by
  •      Greg Weaver (who comes all the way from Alaska), Hammond Dean,
  •      Dick Stroud and Jonn Forslin.  The first reunion was held in 2003 at
  •      Gatlinburg, TN.
  • Please keep Jonn and Wendy Forslin in our prayers as Jonn continues his
  •      battle with Alzheimer's.
  • Hammond Dean sent his regards via J.P.
  • Dick Stroud sent his regards via Cliff.
  • This year marks the 13th reunion.
  • Those who were in attendance for the first time were asked to stand and
  •      introduce themselves.


  • Vincent Kurucz and Bertie Volpe
  • Doc's wife - Nellie Zito
  • Barbara Michael Morgan - Cliff's sister
  • Top's Companion - Ruth Bryant


New Business:

  • Dale Millard read a prayer and a poem about the U.S. Flag.  He asked to be    
  •      appointed the Whiskey Battery's Chaplain.  This needs to be voted upon
  •      at the next reunion to make it official.
  • Location for the 2016 reunion was discussed.  We had several in attendance who
  •      will look into hosting for next year.  Once they have the details, they will submit
  •      the info to Vickie and Vickie will send out an email asking for us to vote on next
  •      years's location.  We can hold future reunions based on #of votes.


  • * Russ Hicks - Charleston, S.C.
  • * Mark Steffy - San Diego, CA
  • * Reggie (Chief) Zhuckkahosee - repeat at Albuquerque, NM
  • * Ruth Bryant - Savannah, GA
  • * IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to respond / vote when Vickie sends email.
  • * Discussion held on maximum hotel price.  $130.00 seemed to be the best
  •         compromise with $100 if possible.
  • * Virgil and Sandy Boyer asked to go back to the 3rd week of September for
  •          all reunions.  This should be voted on at next reunion to make it official.


  • Thanked all who helped him with reunion and all those who attended.
  • Asked if anyone had suggestions on how to make the reunions better.
  • Thanked Vickie for her on-going great work on our website.  Asked if anyone
  •      else would like to hose website.  All agreed that Vickie should continue
  •      on.  Standing ovation for Vickie.
  • Thanked Debbie for taking meeting minutes.
  • Opened up the floor to anyone who wanted to share a Whiskey Battery Story.
  • Connie Jines has been collecting and compiling submitted stories into a notebook.
  •      The notebook was at the reunion for anyone who wanted to review it.  She
  •      encouraged attendees to continue to submit to her their stories, recollections,
  •      etc.  Suggested that these could be compiled into a  paperback book (similar
  •      to those put together for funding raising using recipes).  Then it could be
  •      made available for purchase.  Great way to share with family members/ friends.

J.P.  and Vickie tanked Vickie's daughter, Missy Mitchell for putting this year's reunion together.  She did a lot of research, time and work to come up with this year's events.  Copies of the magazines that Missy produces were available so that we could see her work.  Missy was unable to attend our reunion as her husband surprised her with an anniversary trip to Belize.  There were also snacks in our hospitality room that were donated thanks to Missy.


Meeting Adjourned:

  • The meeting adjourned at 9:15 a.m. followed by group pictures.

GGreat Job Debbie/ Webmaster Thanks you.

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