2003 Whiskey Reunion







Jonn Forslin


Dick Stroud


Greg Weaver





Clifford Michael


Russ Adams

Russesll Adams

Mark Keefe




Hammond Dean


Left to right:  Lonnie Way, Pat Le Grand, and J.P. Burrage



Robert "Moose" Walker

Left to right:  Lt. Dick Hulslander, and

Dick Stroud

Left to right:  Vickie and J.P. Burrage



Left to right (back row):  Al Spencer and Russell Hicks,

Left to right (front row):Jerry Nevils and Robert "Moose" Walker

Left to right:  Patrick "Top" McFarland,

and Jim "Doc" Zito




Left to right:  Jonn Forslin, Greg Weaver, and Rubin Aust



Left to right:  Pat McFarland, Patrick ("Top") McFarland, and

Hammond Dean

Left to right:  Cathy Stanbro, Tim Wolf,

and David  "Cook" Stanbro







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